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Corporate Responsibility

Value in action

At HiTex, we translate our core values of integrity, respect, trust, teamwork and excellence into action by enhancing our social integrity, practicing environmental stewardship, and generating economic value. We strongly believe in being a responsible and contributing member of the community by conducting ourselves at all times in an accountable, ethical and conscientious manner.

Responsibility and our stakeholders

Our corporate citizenry corresponds to our relationship with our entire value chain - from our raw materials suppliers to distributors, employees, consumers, shareholders, business partners and government bodies. Behind our many years of success, is our philosophy of respect for all our stakeholders and the various communities in which the Group operates in. We will continue to strengthen our bond with our stakeholders and encourage learning relationships.

Our Corporate Responsibility initiatives are governed by two pillars:

i. Environmental Stewardship

At HiTex, we believe that our commitment to integrity in everything we do will be manifested through a sound environmental push. From our early beginnings, we have implemented and executed various environmental stewardship initiatives that go beyond compliance requirements in order to minimize our environmental footprint throughout each phase of our products’ life cycle.

ii. Waste Reduction

As part of our aim to reduce waste, we have launched numerous recycling campaigns in schools to inculcate good environmental habits among young people and thus, create awareness on the importance of recycling.


HiTex places paramount importance on assisting the communities around us. The Group and its employees have a deep sense of responsibility and actively contribute their time, energy and resources towards the betterment of our communities.

We aim to be leader as catalysts of positive changes in the community where our employees live, work and raise their families. While our business constantly grows and develops, we are aware that the true measure of success is our legacy to make this world a better place for all around us.

We are in the midst of setting up a Charity Foundation to help under privileged in third world countries.