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Cooking Oil

We are able to offer a large variety of cooking oils; palm oil, canola oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, soya bean oil, blended vegetable and 100% pure vegetable oil. Sherin is our premium brand with 100% guarantee quality. We emphasize our utmost attention of the quality we supply to our clients. We also can supply OEM brand as well with a minimum order.

Please refer to below the packaging available :

  • 1ltr to 5Ltr PET Bottle
  • 1ltr to 25Ltr Jerrycan
  • 198Kgs HDPE Drum and 190Kgs Steel Drum
  • 16Ltr to 20Ltr Tin With Carton
  • Flexibag 21mt
  • 10ltr to 20ltr Bag In Box
  • 1Ltr Pouch